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Bringing Stories and Classical Music Together for Children.

"This is a delightful mosaic of music and storytelling, and a fun way to nurture an early appreciation for both.”

S.A.A. @AudioFile 2021, Portland, Maine

Child with headphones

A Synergy of Song & Story

Classical Music and the Creative Arts for Children Everywhere!

Children have fun relating to classical music when it is interwoven with storytelling. Music and Narrative, accordingly, has created children's CDs that combine traditional oral storytelling with classical music listening.

Children will receive the benefit of two art forms that are synergistically combined.

Nanushka CD

Long ago in a remote Russian village, little Nanushka lives alone with her Great-aunt Olga and longs for playmates. With storytelling and classical piano, follow her in her adventures to find new friends.

Nanushka: A Russian Children's Story by Ina Allen & Barbara Kemp.

Sample Tracks:

  • Nanushka remembered she was supposed to be working...
  • Soap Bubbles
Nanushka Music and Story

The Rest of the Story...


Five Star Reviews

Orilla M. Crider:Director of Missouri Association of Teaching Christian Homes

Our son loved listening to this CD while we traveled and it kept his attention. The music isn't played at the same time that the story is going so it doesn't cause problems listening. I highly recommend this awesome recording! It would even work as a nice downtime story and would be fun to have your children draw pictures of what they think Nanushka and her little imaginary friends looked like.

Missouri Association of Teaching Christian Homes

Five Star Reviews

Jed Gaylin:Music Director, Hopkins Symphony Orchestra

I just finished listening to Nanushka, which I THOROUGHLY enjoyed. For starters, the piano playing from you and Barbara is really beautiful: warm, stylish, musical, crisp, and clean. It is expressive without getting sentimental or maudlin. The story is delightful, and has a beautiful and sweet ending.


Five Star Reviews

Charlotte Bohn:Reviewer with the Baltimore Child Magazine

While I found the storyline and music of Nanushka to be an exquisite combination, I also looked to my 5-year-old son, as I basically always do with the CDs I review, to gauge his response. He sat and listened to Nanushka, and when it was over he started it again from the beginning. And when it finished that second time, he started it over again. When I asked him what the story was about, he told me. And when I asked him what he liked about the CD, he said, “The music.” Intended for preschool- through elementary school-age children, Nanushka is only 30 minutes long, a great length to keep young kids engaged.

Baltimore's Child Magazine

Five Star Reviews

Susan Miller:First grade elementary school teacher

Nanushka - Great for kids! Nanushka is a fascinating blend of classical music and children's storytelling. A fantasy, much in the vein of "Peter and the Wolf", this narrated, heartwarming story captures the spirit of traditional Russia. The story segments are interspersed with wonderful pieces of classical music. As an elementary school teacher and early childhood specialist, I believe that Nanushka should be promoted in libraries, schools, and music/theater venues. An excellent way to introduce children to classical music and folktales.

Coloring Booklet

As a thank you gift, Music and Narrative wishes to offer a coloring booklet to customers who have purchased the Nanushka CD. The booklet contains sketches of scenes inspired by the music. Once downloaded, children may color these individual pages as they listen to the story and music.
Nanushka Coloring Booklet

Brementown Musicians

Offer your children this coloring booklet as they listen to the music. It will enhance the listening experience. There is even a multiple question page to pique their interest! Have fun!

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